Painting as Prayer – February 7 – March 1

The artist’s reception for Jennifer Mantle’s show: Painting as Prayer will be Sunday February 7, 2015 from 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM.

Jennifer Mantle 1The works in this exhibit are an homage to and a conversation with the Divine as the artist, Jennifer Mantle, understands Her. They are created with sacred intent and a sense of inquiry. Each one is also charged with Reiki, and intended to radiate that healing energy to the viewer.

This multi-talented artist works creatively with art journaling, SoulCollaging, painting, photography, collaging, and making goddess rosaries and creative and spiritual jewelry.  She says, ” creative expression is my lifeblood.”

Mantle is a SoulCollage® facilitator, a Reiki Master and a sign language interpreter. She offers regular classes in Reiki, SoulCollage® and art journaling at herchurch. She lives in San Francisco with her long-time partner and magical pup.

AWE Gallery is open every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 noon – 5:00 PM.

The reception is free and ASL accessible. Refreshments provided, too. Hang out after the reception to make art with Jennifer if you can! (in place of the February art journaling offering.)

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December – January “Our Paths of Color”

AWE Gallery hosts “Our Paths of Color.”

Three watercolorists follow their path.  December 6, 2014 – February 1, 2015.

Gail Block

Kinya Matsuno

Patricia O-Connell

(Gallery is open Saturday and Sunday noon – 5:00 PM.  Closed December 27-28 and January 3-4 for holidays).

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NOVEMBER – Earth Medicine. 20 Artists.

Earth Medicine: Celebrating the Living Goddess is the Theme of the November special exhibit at AWE Gallery Annex. Twenty artists are presenting their interpretations of this theme. The exhibit includes seasoned and emerging artists.  This show concludes on Sunday November 30th — be sure to stop by and be engaged with the diverse images.

000 Gibbons

She Who Births the Cosmic Heart – Elizabeth Gibbons

The Artists Reception is Friday November 7 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM. The reception will begin with a brief ritual, performance art by Judith Lavender Dancer and conversation with the artists. The event offers ASL interpretation.

The reception kicks off the Goddess Harvest Festival sponsored by herchurch.

Goddess Harvest Festival
November 7-9, 2014
see full schedule at

FRIDAY 7th: Art Opening at AWE Gallery with herchurch artists, curated by Jennifer Mantle and Katie Ketchum 7-9pm

SATURDAY 8th: 10am-5pm herMarketplace vendors-handmade wearables, jewelry, crystals, oils, candles, books, music, books, photography, & art-all in time for holiday giving!

The Journey (Detail) by Shiloh Sophia

The Journey (Detail) by Shiloh Sophia

SATURDAY 8th: 3pm-5pm Keynote Speaker, Adelia Sandoval, cultural director for the Acjachemen Nation, the indigenous people of Orange County, California. Theme: Earth Medicine: Celebrating the Living Goddess.

Her ministry is called Song of the Earth, a Native American Healing service in an outdoor sanctuary. Speaking about power (Earth Medicine) Adelia Sandoval says: “I’ve been taught that power isn’t about having control over a group of people. Women have the key to what true power is, and that is the ability to love. Loving is the most powerful thing you can do.”

000 Wildon

Demeter 1,3 by Anna Bayla Wilson

SATURDAY 8th: 7pm-8:30pm FREE Concert  featuring Devi Vaani, Gary Floyd and Katie Ketchum all presenting original music.

SUNDAY 9th: 10:30am, Liturgy of the Divine Feminine, 1pm-3pm live experiential workshops, and 1pm-4pm hermarketplace vendors.

Ebenezer/herchurch birthed this festival and conference to celebrate the shift toward co-operative healing and thriving through the power and embodiment of the prophetic wisdom and word of the Divine Feminine. We look forward to sharing this exciting festival and conference, bursting with events, discussion, arts, transformative experience, -all in celebration of the Living Goddess and our Mother Earth.



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October – Non Sequitur: 5 women; 6 perspectives

AWE Gallery presents:
Non Sequitur: 5 women; 6 perspectives
October 4 through October 26

Awe collective artists (Stacy Boorn, Kit Kennedy, Chris Kibre, Alice Steele, Janet Stock) explore the non sequitur (Latin for it does not follow) in a playful, collaborative show. Each artist put forth an image or word challenge to which the others responded. In the spirit of the non sequitur, we hope to invite conversation, humor, and intrigue.

NonS WEBArtists’ Reception: Sunday, October 5. Noon – 5:00 PM refreshments, music and conversation with the artists.

Audience collaboration:   Saturday, October 18. 1:00 – 3 PM. An open easel/mic/floor for you to express yourself as the 6th perspective for one of the non sequitur groups. Each participant will have about 5 minutes (to show art or recite poetry, perform music or dance) and explain why her/his work fits into one of the non sequitur exhibits.

Saturday, October 25 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM the AWE Ekphrastic Poetry Collective will present poems written for this show and treasures from their “storehouses” of words and wonder.  The group will also include Non Sequitur flute music.  Come for all or part of the time.  Wine/waters and finger foods provided.


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September – Soft Power/Shamanic Invocation – Deborah Tash

Soft Power/Shamanic Invocation of the Sacred Feminine by Deborah Tash at AWE Gallery Annex: September 6 through September 28. Come out and meet the artist at the reception, Sunday September 7 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM. The exhibit includes paintings, drawings and ceramics.  Deborah will share her process and creative soul with us.

DebTashSeptDeborah Tash’s dedication to the Women’s Movement and the rebirth of the Divine Feminine since the 1970s took on new meaning for her as an artist when she saw Judy Chicago’s SF showing of the Dinner Party in the early 1980s.

Since that time her work has been informed by Shamanism as well as the practice of Tantra in celebration of sacred sexuality.  Her most recent work for Soft Power/Shamanic Invocation of the Sacred Feminine project is infused with her love of images found  in nature such as caves, trees, cavern entrances and ancient monolithic Sheela Na Gig structures; all evocative of the opening for spiritual sexuality which every woman possesses as an integral part of her anatomy.

Tash PostcardUsing mixed media and paint to create art meant to reclaim all the names for this essential feminine gift as sacred rather than derogatory is the foundation of this project and show.

AWE Gallery is open every Saturday and Sunday from noon – 5:00 PM. The red and yellow gallery building is located at 678 next to the purple church. Parking at the church lot is free and available to gallery visitors.

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The Miraloma Park Series by Catherine Sky

The Miraloma Park Series, by Catherine Sky, is showing at A Woman’s Eye Gallery Annex from August 2 – August 31. The Artist reception is Sunday August 3 from 2:00 – 5:00 PM. All are welcome.

CathySkyCatherine Sky says of her Miraloma Park Series, “I love the intense effects of light and shadow on stacked forms, twisting up and around on Teresita and Los Palmos. The experience becomes even more tangible in the actual physical journey up and over the hill, looking back at my window (and many others), perched all the way up to Mt Davidson Park. As the motif becomes transformed by recollection and re- visitation, observed over time and under the influence of digital tools, images within images emerge and series evolve.”

She says, ” Coming from the flat midwest, the canyons and hills here have been not only a challenge  but an inspiration.” Her paintings are a result of the last two and a half years of experiencing this incredible landscape

While documenting a journey through the physical landscape, the Miraloma Park Series seems to navigate a course through the abundance of information encountered at the intersection of nature, technology, memory and the artist’s perception.

With a BFA degree from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and years of teaching experience, Catherine Sky brings both experience and a fresh look to this quintessential San Francisco neighborhood.


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Vision of Spirit by Jenny Badger Sultan

July 5 – July 27

Jenny 1Join artist Jenny Badger Sultan at the artist reception on Sunday, July 13, from 12:00 noon – 4:00 PM.  Her show, Vision of Spirit, is being exhibited during July at the AWE Gallery Annex, which is open every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 noon – 5:00 PM.

For artist Jenny Badger Sultan, art has always been a process of self discovery, healing and integration. Focused image-making and random experimentation with materials are partners in the work. She says, ”The paintings I’ll be showing express different aspects of my experience of the inner spiritual world, drawing upon my dreams, personal symbols and world religions. They begin with a seed idea and then expand to include the thoughts, feelings and images that emerge during the painting process.”

Ms. Badger Sultan has been an exhibiting artist in the Bay Area since 1969. She taught art at City College of San Francisco from 1974-2006, and is married to artist Henry Sultan. Together they have raised two children and now enjoy and care for their grandson.

You can see more of her works and writings at her website:

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The Eternal She – Artist Elaine Chan-Scherer – June 7 – 29

The Artist Reception for the June exhibit will be Sunday, June 8 from 2 – 4 PM.  Stop by and meet the artist, enjoy a glass of wine and finger foods and be awed by images of the eternal She.  Each painting is accompanied by poem and narratives introducing you to the paintings and their souls.

Elaine Chan Scherer came to painting through her explorations of sculpture.

Elaine Chan SchererThrough a series of meaningful coincidences (the psychologist Carl Jung would call them “synchronicities”), Elaine says she was led to Bay Area artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s online painting community.

In 2012, Elaine painted over a dozen images of the Sacred Feminine. she says “women and men have both feminine and masculine aspects.  ‘Therefore, how do we honor the internal feminine aspects of nurture, connection to the earth, grief and loss, tolerance and release of stress, interdependence, and a respectful use of power?’

“My intention is to honor and bring forth the internal feminine for both women and men.”

Elaine is a third generation San Franciscan, a fourth generation Chinese-American, and is married to a Western European immigrant.  They have successfully raised their two biracial, bicultural children in San Francisco .  Having lived and worked in the Western Addition, Chinatown, the Richmond, the Sunset, and Polk Gulch Elaine sees her life as multi-cultural and as diverse as the City

The AWE Gallery resident artist shows and the guest show in the annex is open every Saturday and Sunday from noon – 5:00 PM.  Drop by and browse a while.

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GHOST FLOWERS – May 3 – June 1 by Donna Levreault

SATURDAY, MAY 3, 2:00 PM-5:00 PM
     Music by Keith Cudaback
     Poetry by Jean Varda

Donna Levreault makes photographs without a camera. This photographer employs ancient techniques in her expressive photography. Her images are made without a camera, using the sun as a source of illumination. . A flower is placed on sensitive paper and exposed to sunlight. Exposure times, temperature, and humidity and the unique chemical properties of the plant, affect the final image.


Hollyhock Ghost Flower

The results are completely unpredictable. The print is a ghost image of the flower that can range from brilliant color to more subdued tones. Flowers are a popular subject for photographers; still Levreault’s photographs shed new light on their beauty. Mystery radiates from each blossom, and colors shimmer and glow. The viewer sees an after-image of the plant, a ghost image that can range from realistic to abstract.

Levreault says, “I love that I am co-creating these photographs with nature. The sun, the atmosphere, the season, the time of day—everything has an effect on the final image.”

AWE Gallery is open every Saturday and Sunday from 12 Noon – 5:00 PM and located at 678 Portola Dr. (A red and yellow building, next to a purple church.  Free parking in church lot).


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Inspired by Nature – April 5-27 – Fine Art by Deborah Hall

Deborah Hall’s work includes photographs and other art forms and is inspired by meditative time spent in nature.  Artist’s reception will be Saturday, April 5 at the AWE Gallery Annex, 678 Portola Dr.  SF.  Meet the artist, see and hear about her vision, enjoy finger food and glass of wine.

D HallAn avid hiker, this artist’s work shows her enjoyment in listening to unseen birds, watching waves crash on the shore, and feeling gentle breezes.

Her recent images include clouds and stars, which she sees as the universal landscape. Lately she has interpreted  the patterned bark of tree trunks in portraits.

Deborah invites us “to explore my vision of our sacred earth and the interconnectedness of life,” during her April exhibit at A Woman’s Eye Gallery.

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