Gallery in Transition

A Woman’s Eye Gallery, a coop of 5 artist, is no longer exhibiting at 678 Portola Drive.  After 8 years and a wonderful journey filled with art, music, poetry and community the artists have chosen to continue as a group in our online format.  PLEASE view our work in the portfolios on this site.

The physical location is the property of herchurch and in the near future A NEW Gallery will open in this location under the curator-ship of Stacy Boorn.  Information and the new web address for that gallery will be announced here after the space is renovated and ready for its grand opening.

In the meantime you will find the following available on weekends:

AUGUST: Gary Floyd’s Art show Title: Uncle Gary loves the Goddess. In the Gallery

Gary - Budah“Art is funny. We all have it within us.  Good or not that good is all in the eye of the beholder. To the creator it’s our children. We love it. It comes from us and goes into our…canvas or voice or paper with poems and doodling. It’s our art.

My past is all on paper in words or songs or paints. From punk rock to soft rock to painting and other things that are all my art. Hey…you have yours too.  What is it?
I dedicate this to the Goddess…you tell me Her name.  I call Her Kali, and Durga, and Sarada. A million names is not enough.   I also call Her Janet Maria Floyd Garcia…my Mother…my Mama.

Now I’m seeing age and I’m Uncle to some and to myself even…so enjoy as you can I love Her and Her billion names! I love the Goddess….Mama’s boy that I am.

Your loving friend and brother…”   -Gary Floyd.

ALSO if you didn’t get a chance to see the Hola! Cuba exhibit most of it is now hanging in the main gallery. FYI Pastor is working at redeveloping a new gallery…stay tuned for further details after the space is renovated.




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