The Miraloma Park Series by Catherine Sky

The Miraloma Park Series, by Catherine Sky, is showing at A Woman’s Eye Gallery Annex from August 2 – August 31. The Artist reception is Sunday August 3 from 2:00 – 5:00 PM. All are welcome.

CathySkyCatherine Sky says of her Miraloma Park Series, “I love the intense effects of light and shadow on stacked forms, twisting up and around on Teresita and Los Palmos. The experience becomes even more tangible in the actual physical journey up and over the hill, looking back at my window (and many others), perched all the way up to Mt Davidson Park. As the motif becomes transformed by recollection and re- visitation, observed over time and under the influence of digital tools, images within images emerge and series evolve.”

She says, ” Coming from the flat midwest, the canyons and hills here have been not only a challenge  but an inspiration.” Her paintings are a result of the last two and a half years of experiencing this incredible landscape

While documenting a journey through the physical landscape, the Miraloma Park Series seems to navigate a course through the abundance of information encountered at the intersection of nature, technology, memory and the artist’s perception.

With a BFA degree from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and years of teaching experience, Catherine Sky brings both experience and a fresh look to this quintessential San Francisco neighborhood.


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