ART, Poetry, Music, Wine, Food – Celebrate Spring – March 20

Talisman of Presence - by Deborah Tash

Talisman of Presence – by Deborah Tash

ANEW* Gallery GRAND Opening

is Sunday, March 20 from 1:00 – 5:00 PM.

at 678 Portola Drive

(the red and yellow building next to the purple church)

  • Celebrate the First Day of Spring
  • with art, poetry, music, food/drinks and fun
  • and the “Color Abounds” art exhibits.

We re-envisioned AWE Gallery into its new incarnation as ANEW Gallery. ANEW Gallery will be featuring Stacy Boorn’s Fine Art and Nature Photography in the main gallery and painter/sculptor Visionary Artist Deborah Tash’s Retrospective and related guest and group themed in the Annex. Each month we will be presenting various Ekphrastic art parties and presentations.

ANEW is “Arts ‘n Ekphrastics by Women. Ekphrasism is a dialog between one art form and another.

Music on March 20th will feature Steve Eulberg – The vibrations of wood and string, the resonance, the shaped breath and wind are the musician’s creative muses. Vocals, guitars, mandolins, didjeridoo’s, drums, dulcimers–Steve finds bits of the human soul in each.


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ANEW Gallery at 678 Portola Dr. SF

Image by Tammy Trejo

Image by Tammy Trejo

New Gallery Exhibit “American Goddess” and book signing by Tammy Trejo with reception is Sunday October 4th at 12:30 – PM. The American Goddess is a new book of Goddess portraits by fine art photographer and Moon Mother Tammy Trejo. Many of these portraits will be exhibited in the ANEW Gallery during October.

American Goddess embodies all cultural beliefs of the divine feminine. Our Grandmothers hail from all cultures. Some Native American; others immigrated from Africa, Europe, China, India and all corners of the world. They have handed down their matriarchal culture, their knowledge of herbal medicine, song, dance, and ritual.  They were deeply connected to Mother Earth, the moon, the seasons, and animals. The exhibit will be shown for the month of October.


  • Feminist/Visionary ARTISTS – a Call for Entries
  • from herchurch and ANEW Gallery
  • 678 Portola Dr. SF   CA 94127

What:   Art Exhibit depicting the theme “GoddessSpiritRising.”   Artists’ interpretations may include abstracts, portraits, naturescapes, and everything imaginable!

When: The show will run from Friday, November 13, through January 31, 2016 .   The opening reception (Friday, November 13, 7-10 PM ) will also include music, performance art and rituals to begin the Goddess Harvest Festival Weekend.

During the three-month show, Ekphrastic arts will be scheduled to celebrate the exhibition.

ISIS by Elaine Chan-Scherer

ISIS by Elaine Chan-Scherer

Submissions:   Artists may submit up to three hang-able pieces. Sizes — minis to 30×40 inches.   Submissions must be delivered to herchurch (the purple church) on Sunday, October 25, from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM or Tuesday. October 27. from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.   Out-of-town artists must make their own arrangements for work to be sent to local friends/artists who will hand-deliver the art at the above times.

Paintings (canvases and framed images), multi-media, photography, wall hangings, collage, fabric arts and other creative methods accepted.   Please attach wires or hangers. Strongly recommended for pieces under 10 pounds: SM Command Brand Picture Hanging Strips.

Cost: Artist must submit $10 for each image/art work with delivery of work.   Cash or checks payable to Ebenezer Lutheran Church .   Submission fees will help defray the cost of the reception.

Who:   Feminist Artists from all walks of life (professional, amateur, students…).

For more information please email the show/gallery curator Photographer/Pastor Stacy Boorn at

FYI:     No commission for the sales of the art will be collected.   Each artist is considered an individual vendor. However, payments for the work will be handled by herchurch.

ANEW is an acronym for Arts ‘n Ekphrastics by Women. We are creating a space where one art form has the opportunity to speak with one or more other art forms in visual, musical, performed and spoken word presentations.

Each submission must have the following attached:   The artist’s name and contact information, title, and price.   A one-paragraph artist’s statement must also be emailed to

For more information about the Goddess Harvest Festival, ANEW Gallery or herchurch see



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Gallery in Transition

A Woman’s Eye Gallery, a coop of 5 artist, is no longer exhibiting at 678 Portola Drive.  After 8 years and a wonderful journey filled with art, music, poetry and community the artists have chosen to continue as a group in our online format.  PLEASE view our work in the portfolios on this site.

The physical location is the property of herchurch and in the near future A NEW Gallery will open in this location under the curator-ship of Stacy Boorn.  Information and the new web address for that gallery will be announced here after the space is renovated and ready for its grand opening.

In the meantime you will find the following available on weekends:

AUGUST: Gary Floyd’s Art show Title: Uncle Gary loves the Goddess. In the Gallery

Gary - Budah“Art is funny. We all have it within us.  Good or not that good is all in the eye of the beholder. To the creator it’s our children. We love it. It comes from us and goes into our…canvas or voice or paper with poems and doodling. It’s our art.

My past is all on paper in words or songs or paints. From punk rock to soft rock to painting and other things that are all my art. Hey…you have yours too.  What is it?
I dedicate this to the Goddess…you tell me Her name.  I call Her Kali, and Durga, and Sarada. A million names is not enough.   I also call Her Janet Maria Floyd Garcia…my Mother…my Mama.

Now I’m seeing age and I’m Uncle to some and to myself even…so enjoy as you can I love Her and Her billion names! I love the Goddess….Mama’s boy that I am.

Your loving friend and brother…”   -Gary Floyd.

ALSO if you didn’t get a chance to see the Hola! Cuba exhibit most of it is now hanging in the main gallery. FYI Pastor is working at redeveloping a new gallery…stay tuned for further details after the space is renovated.




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Final Days and Party at AWE Gallery

Join the HOLA! Cuba celebration at AWE Gallery

Which show could be more timely? Photographs by Stacy Boorn, Chris Kibre,

and Alice Heimsoth. HOLA! Cuba runs from July 5 – July 26, 2015.

Gallery hours: Saturday & Sunday, noon – 5PM


@ AWE Sunday, July 26, 2015

00 T Woman Doorway 02Yes, AWE Gallery is closing. Stay turned as the gallery transforms into its

new artfully-magic space. Don’t miss the closing party and the final day of

Hola! Cuba

Poetry Reading – 2:00 – 4:00 PM Music, food, libations & free parking.

Come, celebrate and hear AWE EKPHRASTIC POETS (Jane Green, Kit

Kennedy, Nancy Wakeman, Sherri Rose-Walker) with special guest, Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow

All work by photographers Alice Steele and Janet Stock will be half price.  Other specials provided by Stacy Boorn, Kit Kennedy and Chris Kibre.

A Woman’s Eye Gallery (

678 Portola Drive, San Francisco CA 94127


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Hola! Cuba – July 4 – 26 – faces and places.

T  Cigar Smoker 01 copyHola! Cuba: faces and places of the countryside, towns and cities of Cuba will be presented by three San Francisco photographers:  Stacy Boorn, Alice Heimsoth and Chris Kibre.

July 4-26 at A Woman’s Eye Gallery.  

At once lively and timeworn, dignified and dilapidated, Cuba is a country of contradictions.  We invite you to enter into the magic of Cuba through the very diverse perspectives of three women photographers.

Trapped in a time warp and reeling from an economic embargo that has grated for more than half a century, this is a country where you can wave goodbye to Western certainties and experience the unexpected.  Classic American cars, musicians and young National Ballet students, cobble stone streets, fog laden valleys, tobacco fields, and old Havana are among the colorful and engaging subjects of the exhibit “Hola! Cuba”.

An artist reception will be held Saturday and Sunday July 11-12th from noon to 5:00 PM.  This wonderful party will coincide with the AWE Gallery Finale Party.  After eight years A Woman’s Eye Gallery is closing its doors, thanking its patrons and welcoming first time visitors with refreshing sparkling drinks, edibles and new work in both the AWE Gallery and the AWE Annex.

000 H Melecon 002aCuban cigars will be among the door prizes and surprises.

On the final day of the show and the AWE Gallery, July 26, there will be a grand party including poetry, music, Cuban eats and drinks and notable sales!


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June 6 – 28: A Visit to Namibia

June 6 – 28 at A Woman’s Eye Gallery Annex enjoy the photographic exhibit: A Visit to Namibia by Barbara Lewicki. Barbara is an outdoor and travel photographer specializing in wildlife, landscape and portraiture.

Barbara LHer travels took her to Namibia in 2014.  Her photography of this vast, arid and beautiful land include the documentation of traditional life in two different Himba villages. The show features images of the Himba people as well as some of the animals that live in Namibia.

An avid traveler, Ms Lewicki has photographed in all 50 states and almost 40 countries to date.  She is a writer and blogger and has written over 700 posts on her travel photography

Join the Artist on Saturday June 6 for a reception from noon – 5:00 PM.

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May 2 – 31 “Artist and Muse”

May 2 – 31
“Artist and Muse”
includes paintings by Sofia Carmi and the late Brent Bushnell

Greet Sofia Carmi at her Reception, Sunday, May 3, 1:00-4:00pm

Sofia CarmiThe artists were each others muse and artistic partners until the death of Brent in 2014.   This exhibit is part of a series inspired by that experience.

San Francisco artist Sofia Carmi was born in  Jerusalem.  She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and has an MA in Psychology from New College, SF. Brent Bushnell, a sculptor, studied at San Francisco State

AWE Gallery is located at 678 Portola Drive, SF next to the Purple Church.  You may park in the church parking lot when you visit AWE Gallery.

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Season’s of Existence – April 4-26

Anna B 1Greet and meet artists : Elaine Lee, Salome El, and Anna Baylor Wilson

at the AWE Gallery Guest Artist reception Sunday, April 12 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM.

Enjoy refreshments and conversations and take advantage of a moment of silence to enter into creative imagery.

If you want to know what young women artists in their twenty-somes are visioning this is the place to begin that journey and inquiry.

Anna B 2Photography, paintings and illustrations from these three artist will perk your imagination and question your sense of reality.  Your inquisitive side will ask “how was that image created and why?”  Let your mind run wild and then feel free to ask the artist what she had hoped her viewers to encounter here.

Season’s of Existence runs through Sunday April 26 and the A Woman’s Eye Gallery is open from noon – 5:00 PM each Saturday and Sunday.  While you are at the AWE Gallery for this particular exhibit be sure to visit the main gallery where the resident artists display some of their finest and “newest” works.

Anna B 3Celebrate National Poetry Month at AWE Gallery: Sunday April 19 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM. Exphrastic Poetry from Jane Green, Kit Kennedy, Nancy Wakeman and Sherri Rose-Walker. Music by Devi Vaani with Violin by Lana Dalberg. Hosted by Kit Kennedy. Light refreshments will be provided.

her body

a series of small dishes”

     – Kit Kennedy

images by Anna B Wilson



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CLIR Annual Art Show at AWE Gallery March 7 – 29

Under the Sea - Painting on Silk by Connie Levy

Under the Sea – Painting on Silk by Connie Levy

The Artists from CLIR (Center for Learning in Retirement) will present their annual Art Exhibit at the AWE Gallery Annex March 7-29. Join the Artists for a reception on Saturday March 7 from Noon to 5:00 PM. Experience wonderful art, enjoy wine/sparkling waters and finger foods, and engage in scintillating conversations with the artists … or just drop by the take in the beauty!

The show features Wall Hangings, paintings, photography, collage and mixed media.

The art works in this exhibit are done by members of the Center for Learning in Retirement (CLIR.), a non-profit educational organization open to all Bay Area seniors.  Presently located at 57 Post Street, Suite 614, in San Francisco, CLIR has offered educational, cultural and social programs to people over age 50 for more than 35 years.

"Vacuum" by Jean Hayward

“Vacuum” by Jean Hayward

Peer classes are taught by CLIR members, many of whom are retired teachers and college professors, and include classes in the arts, literature, languages, sciences and current political/social issues.  Lecturers from outside CLIR are also brought in upon occasion. Other activities include an annual luncheon, a December holiday gala, an annual picnic, monthly art excursions, walks, tours to interesting sites, a book club, a movie club and current events discussions, among other cultural and social events.

For more information about CLIR, please visit their website at or call 415-543-3965.

AWE Gallery is located at 678 Portola Drive – the red and yellow building next to the purple church, between Woodside and Laguna Honda, across the street from Mollie Stone’s (Tower Market).  Free parking in the church lot!


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San Francisco Peace and Hope 2015Fest

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Celebrating the PRINT ANTHOLOGY!

at the AWE Gallery Annex from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

The San Francisco Peace and Hope 2015Fest is a celebration of the arts, honoring the SF Bay Area literary spirit.  The program includes featured readings by poet and artist contributors in the journal.  Elizabeth Hack, founding director will comment about the evolution of SFPH and harp music will be performed by Patrice Haan.  Poet Kit Kennedy is the emcee.

AWE gallery 2013 011 (1)Featured artists:  Al Young, Erica Goss, Jose Luis Gutierrez, Nancy Wakeman, Pam Borelli, Vince Stori, Sherri Rose-Walker, Carolyn WarmSun, Susan Gangel, Lena Levine, Patrice Haan.


Copies of  San Francisco Peace and Hope will be available at special price at this reading … $21.75  (checks accepted).

Light refreshments served.

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