May 2 – 31 “Artist and Muse”

May 2 – 31
“Artist and Muse”
includes paintings by Sofia Carmi and the late Brent Bushnell

Greet Sofia Carmi at her Reception, Sunday, May 3, 1:00-4:00pm

Sofia CarmiThe artists were each others muse and artistic partners until the death of Brent in 2014.   This exhibit is part of a series inspired by that experience.

San Francisco artist Sofia Carmi was born in  Jerusalem.  She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and has an MA in Psychology from New College, SF. Brent Bushnell, a sculptor, studied at San Francisco State

AWE Gallery is located at 678 Portola Drive, SF next to the Purple Church.  You may park in the church parking lot when you visit AWE Gallery.

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