Guest Artist, March 2009: Susan Searway

March 7-29, 2009 – Susan Searway – “Persona: A Figurative Study”

Susan uses graphic design, watercolor, and photography to depict the human body. In her words, “I am truly fascinated by the human form in motion and frozen in time. Based on this concept of capturing the essence of who we all are, I have created my figurative series – Persona. Persona is a personal reflection of the bodies we all have by focusing on the harmony of the body and the soul: the physical versus the spiritual, represented sometimes as one, sometimes as individuals. I try to blend the idealism of the human form in combination and contrast with the variety of people – people seen through the lens of reality varying in shape, size, and form.”

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, March 7, 12:00-5:00

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