Affinities by Illuminata Photo Group: February 1-23

Affinities by Illuminata Photo Group
February 1 through February 23, 2014
Reception Sunday February 2, 1 to 4 pm
Artist’s Discussion February 23 2:00pm

Roxanne2Affinities is a collaborative photo show. It is a playful and challenging exhibit, conceived as an experiment in image presentation-an alternative to traditional gallery image sequencing and placement.  Each artist’s works are intermingled in carefully assembled groups, rather than presented as five distinct series of single pieces.The goal was to create new entities-grouped pieces-by attending to the affinities between adjacent photos.

Featured artists:  Roxanne Worthington, Kay Taneyhill, Linda Fitch, Charlotte Kay, Adrienne Defendi

Illuminata, a group of five photographers, meet to pursue their passion for photography by sharing work and ideas, visiting galleries, producing photography shows and supporting one another’s individual efforts.


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